We have deep legal and business knowledge in corporate life including corporate governance.

Commercial and Civil Laws

We are experienced in complex contractual disputes, insurance, property, labor matters and banking litigation. We are also specialized in the telecom sector.

Property, Trusts and Real Estate

We understand the property market thoroughly and act for a number of local and regional clients.

Intellectual Property

BSH law firm has a local experience with global knowledge in the fields of trademarks patents and copyright.

Family Law

We have a wide experience in family matters and domestic relations, including divorce and child custody and other issues that follow the jurisdiction of Islamic Sharia court.

Legal consultation services

Provide assistance in all the legal matters and advise in legal documentation, negotiations, contracts, in the three languages: Arabic, English, Hebrew,

In corporate consultation, BSH staff came from a wide-ranging knowledge of business issues and expertise in business law, so we give legal advises after deep analysis of a company's structure, strategy and operations after analyzing a company's internal operations.

Contract Law

Providing, analyzing and organizing oral and written agreements in the three languages (Arabic, English, Hebrew) by specialized staff in contract laws.


We stand with our clients’ interests from the “pre-suit” litigation activities till filing the actual lawsuit. We have a specialized team in different types of the law suits such as civil, criminal, insurance, Sharia’a, and legal collections. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In BSH we have wide experience in collaboration with experts in different business fields in settling disputes outside of the courtroom faster, more efficient and more specialize than traditional litigation. “ADR” includes early neutral evaluation, negotiation, conciliation, Facilitation, mediation and arbitration.

Labor law

We have a rich background in labor matters and cases of labor contracts, workplace safety, employment discrimination, employee harassment, employment policies and procedures, and work permits.

Social Security law

BSH offers Social security legal consulting for individuals and institutions in the areas of health care, disability, insurance, welfare.

Research and studies

BSH have a number of researchers and academic team that work on specialized legal research and publications in collaboration with will-known academic institutions.

We also organize public seminars in different legal topics that targets public, private, and (NGO’s) sectors, which we consider it as a part of our social responsibility.